The FDA is Infected 10/11/12

Our country is leaning towards a system of government dependence. What the upper authority says is good for us must be good for us. If they make something illegal it must have been bad. A government that makes all the decisions for the people leads to a brainwashed nation. A principle that America was founded on was the freedom to choose, not to be chosen for.

What happens when the government funded organization chooses irresponsibly and the citizens suffer? What if proper protocol and citizen engagement occurred? In the recent Meningitis case, nobody would have died.

The FDA has a track record of irresponsibly deciding what is good or bad for the country. A Harris Interactive poll showed that 49% of American residents find that the FDA is doing poorly while a similar 48% feel the FDA is doing just fine; the other 3% were indecisive. Sad to say this is actually a positive improvement over the past few years, but is the FDA actually improving? Just to name a few toxins the FDA approves are: cigarettes which increase risk of lung cancer; Lexipro prescribed for children between 12-17 which was shown to increase suicidal tendencies in children; Seroquel is an ingredient in AstraZeneca which has a side effect of inducing diabetes; Zyprexa and Prozac used as an antidepressant cause massive weight gain in subjects, and in court was ruled dangerous yet the FDA still allowed the sale.

Sometimes the FDA does declare certain things unsafe for consumption though. Raw Milk, for instance, is illegal in many states. However raw milk has shown many health benefits and is not giving people cancer. The questionable decisions of the FDA lead to our current predicament.

According to the CDC on October 10, 2012 ten cases of Meningitis death were reported due to a methylprednisolone acetate gel, Steroid injected via the back. By October 11, 2012 the number had already increased to 12 and counting. A major problem with this is that the FDA approved the steroids after advising the New England Compounding Center that none of the products should be used. Why did the FDA not step in and declare a removal themselves if they had questions? The infection of Meningitis in the steroids has been blamed on poor sanitation and handling of the drugs. If you Google (NECC) steroid infection one of the first results is a 5 step instruction on how to keep a work environment sanitary. The loose regulations held by the FDA could be the reason so many people unknowingly took a dangerous drug.(Here is a link to the affected states and areas)

What does the public have to say about the FDA's responsibility? Some Twitterists opinions.
People and companies alike are demanding the FDA be better regulated and inform citizens properly.
And now even more stories against the FDA are coming forward.

People are getting sick and it is the government agency many blindly follow that has helped. The FDA is a crucial portion of our ABC government organizations, but we cannot have so much faith in them that all of our decisions are predetermined. Be an investigator and actually check out what you're doing with your health. Challenge everything until proven correct.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 - Test everything. Hold on to what is good.

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