#Broscience: Breakfast

Our inaugural #broscience post will commence as as soon as i explain what it's actually about. What we've decided to do was to see what the twitter population thought about a subject and then decide whether or not it's broscience.

Broscience- (adj.)(noun) Something that has little to no factual support but has been repeated so many times that the average population will accredit it as fact. (adj.) What a broscience thing to say. (noun) What you said was not factual, but rather broscience.

Early in the morning you can find twitter a buzz with tweets pertaining towards breakfast. Most of which are followed by an instagram picture that has had some strange filter on it.

If you followed those to their links you would no doubt see a mountain of carbohydrate based sources on a plate screaming eat me. I simply ask that we as a nation open our minds to what I'm about to say [and I'm not the first to say this]

When we eat carbs in the morning it seems that muscles have a hard time oxidizing fat. A hormone known as Lipoprotein lipase (LPL) is used to store and transport fatty acids in the muscle tissue. When an insulin response occurs the LPL is inhibited because the muscle can run on carbohydrates and no longer is dependent on fat. If the muscle doesn't need fat for fuel then you won't burn fat. In turn if you have carbohydrates for breakfast you actually burn less fat. Go figure.

However, a counter to this would be that we need carbs to use in fat oxidation. However, we can use the resources we find in high fatty foods to oxidize fat as well. This means that instead of inducing an insulin response from carbs we should eat fats. This will reduce carbohydrate dependence of muscles and allow for fat "burning."

The fact that breakfast can help with hunger and possibly allow for better nutrient absorption would be the greatest reason to eat.

We even have popular tweeter's getting in on the carbohydrates fro breakfast bonanza.

Alas the death of nutrition at it's finest. Sugar covered sugar covered in sugar. Insulin spiking and dieabetus causing. 'Merica.

I also would like to just say that there was a disturbingly large amount of tweets where people claimed weed was their breakfast. Not sure that falls under carbs or not.

Either way the moral of this story is that just because everyone says something is true that doesn't make it true. Eat your breakfast but skip the carbs for a later time.


  1. 3-5 eggs almost every day and a glass of whole milke with 30 grams of whey protein... With all that saturated fat and lack of complex carbs...how do I survive? Well, it's lunch time now. Time to eat three chicken breasts!

  2. Be careful you don't want to get that high chol-es-terol


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