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Just the other day I had a good buddy of mine ask  me what pre workout I took now. He decided that he wanted to get more healthy while he was getting more in shape. And yes, you can be in shape and very unhealthy. I had this same dilemma a few months ago as i began to pursue strength while honoring my body like God commands. For years I would eat pretty decent and then shotgun supplements and preworkouts containing added colors, synthetic stimulators, and other questionable additions. If you asked anybody what my favorite preworkout was three months ago they'd easily be able to say it was Muscle Marinade. Now that is no longer the case.
Amino Energy is, in my opinion, one of the best bang for your buck preworkouts that  is not too overly synthetic.

First thing to notice is the specified 2 scoop serving size. This usually is an indication that they are allowing for someone who is caffeine sensitive to reduce the serving. However purely for Amino Quantity I would not take under 2 scoops at all. We see 10 calories, all of which come from carbohydrates and we'll address the source in a second. All this proves is that this product has some real stuff in it. I'm counting 14 different amino acids in a 5 gr quantity. All of them are Microionized, which means it is ground or pulverized into particles that are just a few "microns" in diameter
Microionized Amino:
The idea is that smaller particles equals greater surface area and then greater bioavaliability, or absorption. In the only microionized amino acid research I could find the conclusion was that microionized amino acids were not better absorbed than non microionized amino's [1]. However I cannot say that microionized amino's are just regular amino's with a jazzed up name seeing as how I only found 1 article on them and it wasn't even a very good one. That being said if the article is found as fact, the amino quantity is way too low. L-Leucine alone is shown to need a minimum of 4 gr to be effective in athletes. That leaves only 1 gr for the other 13 amino's. However just by consuming 5 gr of amino acids you can stimulate Protein synthesis and reduce DOMS.

The authors of this trial examined the effect of branched-chain amino acid supplementation on squat-exercise-induced delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) using 12 young, healthy, untrained female participants. In the morning on the exercise-session day, the participants ingested either BCAA or dextrin at 100 mg/kg body weight before the squat exercise, which consisted of 7 sets of 20 squats/set with 3-min intervals between sets. DOMS showed a peak on Days 2 and 3 in both trials, but the level of soreness was significantly lower in the BCAA trial than in the placebo. Our results suggest that muscle damage may be suppressed by BCAA supplementation.
Energy Blend:
If you read the "energy blend" you will notice that all the caffeine comes from something we could call natural. Most preworkouts contain caffeine anhydrous which is synthetic and practically a diuretic. The caffeine blend is one of my favorite parts of this preworkout.  When you read the ingredients we find that most of them are just preservatives or acids used in the blend. The carbohydrates are probably coming from either sucralose or the caffeine extract. My least favorite part is that no matter which one you buy you will find some form of added color. 
4 Trophy's:

Like I said earlier this isn't the best ever "natural" preworkout you can buy. This is one of my personal favorites when it comes bang for buck value. If you don't know why you should consider a preworkout read THIS ARTICLE and remember, honor your body.

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