The Law Of Economics

Where In The World Will I Ever Use The Law Of Economics??
I was sitting in my economics class this morning half paying attention to the professor and half thumbing through my bible. I landed in John as my teacher babbled on about the increase of something causing the decrease of another thing. Nonsense i will never need to apply to my life. I scanned through John 1 and 2 reading my notes, the professor going into detail about a shift in demand. I landed on John 3:30 where the verse was starred and said in BOLD "LIVE By" the verse reads He must increase so i can Decrease. I first really grabbed a hold of this verse a couple years ago when my girl friend told me about how it was her life verse. She went into detail and really showed me how deep and meaningful the verse truly his. The law of economics states that when you have 2 goods and one increases in demand then it increases in profit. The other good then decreases in demand and profit.
-If one of the goods is Christ and the demand increases than it increases in profit (Gods kingdom grows). If the other good is flesh (personal demand) then it decreases in demand and profit (secular world); if our personal demand increases than in turn Gods profit will decrease. WE MUST DECREASE SO HE CAN INCREASE.
-Lets invest more in Christ because he made the ultimate investment in us!!
John 3:30

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