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This post is not just for the Christian, but for everyone from every belief with every thought process. Today I attended my University's first ever "Free Thinkers Alliance" meeting. I had talked with some of my non believer friends about the meeting and swallowed my concerns to go. The fliers had been hidden among the campus not too be too obvious; apparently they didn't want a crowd of he-man atheist haters to attend. Once the meeting began i sat silent just listening to the introduction. if anyone knows me they can tell you that I have a bold statement and a loud mouth. Those are probably good ways to describe me, I won most talkative in high school, but at this meeting I was the exact opposite.

I wanted to listen to everyone's thought and complaints. Of course  not everyone was anti religion and would have beaten me to death if they knew i was Christian from the start. However, they all were very anti Christian. I understand that, we live in Texas were the bible is saturated to our core. Here is a compiled list of what most of their anti God requests were.

  • Hard to rationalize God with their moral compass
  • They felt Christians would burn them at a stake for their belief
  • Most of them have never told their parents they don't believe due to fear
  • The majority were raised in a Christian home and oppression led to disbelief
  • The transition of Christian to Atheist was a hard process
  • No like minded people
  • No considerate Christians

I listened to everyone's clamors and confessions. When I admitted I was a Exercise Physiology and Biology major i could see the founders eyes light up. He assumed I was pro evolution and would bring a sturdy argument for the "great fight against close mindedness." I only heard one person who was obnoxious about his disbelief so it wasn't unbearable, like I said I was good friends with some of the guys. What bothered me most was their burning desire to run from God; a desire so great they created a group were they could get together and practice the belief against God and worship science. They even admitted they loved the idea of community that church gives.

"The Old Testament's theme was Love and a promise. Pharisee's took it as follow the law or be cast out and never be allowed to the promise. Jesus came as THE promise and preached love. Christians took it as a get out of hell free card and a reason to look down on others."

What bothered me the second most was their fear to talk about beliefs with anyone else. Christians have legitimately scared them into pretending they mesh with our judeo-Christian society. Jesus did not scare the sinner, but went to them and expressed God's love. Another theme was that the average Christian was going to bang their belief into a non believers head and then act like a secular deviant. Jesus did not preach and then act like the pharisee, he acted on his words which was most beneficial when he died on the Cross. One of the final themes was that a Christian believes anything funneled into their head when they were young, and wont look deeper into it. Jesus did not just know the word, but was the word, and brought the message everyone was missing.

Why do we allow this reputation to follow us when we clearly need to be pursuing the lost and welcoming them to hear the real gospel. Read the word and when you have a question look for the answer; have faith and WORK and God will lead the way. When you say you're a Christian and you spout the word everywhere follow through. Practice what you preach so to say. 

"Nothing builds a stronger atheist than a Christian."

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