Not All Antioxidants Are Alike

So your working hard and pushing you body past your preconceived limits. You finish, exhausted and feeling a bit beat up. Everyone is thinking they should be shotgunning some protein right now, but what about healing on an even smaller scale.

Whenever the body has to go through ATP resynthesis we have a Reduction-Oxygen reactions that have to occur. We are constantly going through these but the rate of resynthesis increases when we exercise. The more intense your body is going the more ATP you need, simple math. The process creates free radicals, chemically reactive molecules, which cause oxidative stress to surrounding tissues. If you just stressed your muscles then you have cellular damage occurring and that's not good for recovery.

What can prevent this from happening? Antioxidants, vitamins, and phytochemicals.  Something as simple as vitamin C can reduce the cellular damage that stressing our bodies creates. Before you start ignoring the rest of this article because you already take a vitamin C supplement lean in and listen close.

The Processing Of Food:
A study conducted on the polyphenol, chemicals that act as antioxidants, contents of fresh fruit juices and concentrated commercial fruit juices found a shocking problem. Even though the juices were from the same fruit source the fresh fruits contained a dramatically higher quantity. [1] In theory the leeching of vitamin C and other polyphenol's was the pasteurization process the commercial fruit juices went through. Pasteurization has been shown to break down important nutrients in foods and make them less effective or possibly not absorbable to the human gut. I will rant plenty on why i dislike pasteurization and why we should be drinking RAW MILK later.

Pasteurizing food's containing antioxidant's isn't even as bad as we can make it. Supplementation of antioxidant's is as processed as it gets. Before i delve any further I am not saying you should stop taking all supplemental vitamins or minerals. I advocate taking certain vitamins and I don't even consider Whey protein a supplement. Here is a source to one of our more popular articles on vitamins.

A study was conducted on the the absorption of antioxidants via pills or by an apple. Here's the good part though, they even added flavanoids to the supplements for greater absorption. The result was the supplementation still resulted in poor blood stream absorption compared to the apple alone [2]. Researchers theorized that the fructose, fruit sugar, helped the body synthesize uric acid which increased the blood plasma absorption. In fact Uric acid is a great antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent, unless you have the gout. This goes back to the fact that not every one has the same reaction to things.

In conclusion it's crucial that we get most of our nutrients from real food sources. The more organic and less chemically saturated the better our bodies will absorb it.

Jeremiah 1:5 - “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Although the above is referring to a prophet, this shows us that God makes us all special. Before we are even formed in the womb and before we're born God knows us specially. We may not be prophets, but we are still special messengers of God.

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