A Disciples Rebuttal

A newspaper article written for a local college after several members of the paper lashed out on the christian faith.

First and foremost I would like to state that I do not think I, or any of my brothers and sisters in Christ, are better than anyone else; we are simply forgiven. Christianity is founded on loving God above all else, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Of course we are going to stand bold in our faith, and incorporate it into our daily conversations. Based off of the American Constitution, it is simply freedom of religion; based off of our faith, it is our calling. Sharing our faith is not to oppress others. It is simply our way of giving the greatest news we know, and expressing love to everyone we talk to.
Critics have been voicing their opinion against religion, especially the “oppressive religion of Christianity,” and I’m seeing a lot finger pointing that I feel called to defend.
            Out of 17 religious student unions on campus 2 are not Christian based. This makes 88% of the religious student unions Christian and the remaining 12% not. The religious census shows that in America over 78% of the citizens “claim” to be Christian. Less than 4.6% of Americans claim to be of any other religion. Demographically, MSU has a higher percentage of student unions for other religions than the population. We live in a Christian saturated area where a church is on every corner. Why wouldn’t our college resemble that?
Several of the Christian student unions can be quoted as saying that they desire to hear from others of different faith. We welcome them in any time they want. I personally talk with people of the Hindu and Bahia faith weekly about their religion, and I get to talk to them about mine. Can that be deemed as oppressive that I share my faith with them? As stated earlier, Christianity is relationship based and is about love, and love includes embracing others. I am solid in the beliefs I have, but that does not mean that Christian student unions and I are not trying to reach out to anyone and everyone.
Why is Christianity getting singled out? Why are Christians continually tagged as “oppressors”? How often are Christians being denied their rights because it’s deemed, “imposing,” or “oppressive?” More than we think.
June 28, 2006, Obama declared, “We are no longer a Christian nation,” disregarding that 78% claim to be of the Christian faith. September 11, 2011, at the ceremony honoring the devastating attacks on our country, Muslim, Hindu, and other religions were allowed to have guest speakers. No evangelical Christian leaders were allowed to speak at the 9/11 ceremony. Why is a predominantly Christian nation silencing its Christian leaders and saying nothing about it?
On February 2, in New York City, 43 pastors and laypersons were arrested by holding a prayer protest over the recent ban on Christian’s use of public worship service. Police were ordered to arrest them all immediately once the peaceful protest began. Apparently New York has a zero tolerance policy if you kneel and pray in public and are a Christian, but if you are a secular anarchist, then you will go unmolested by the Police for weeks and weeks, while the media rages in protest on their behalf if any of them are arrested for their disruptive and violent behavior. If you’re a Muslim then you will be allowed to pray in the streets facing Mecca while blocking traffic all to bring attention to your protest in America. However, if you’re an “oppressive” American Christian how dare you express your Constitutional right of free exercise; because, if you do, then you will be labeled an “oppressor.”
Several student organizations have run into obstacles on campus. Erica Young tells of people, both teachers and students, who complained about the chalk scriptures around campus. “They said it was ‘in the way’ and complained of it ‘just being there.’ Why do I have to look at ads for parties and events two weeks after they happened and yet people can’t stand to see words from our heavenly Father?” Is the American brand of tolerance becoming an oppressor itself? Can the practice of honoring the minority begin to make the majority taboo?
Not only are people writing about Christianity and its “evil oppressive habits,” but also are free to write and declare false information. This year’s hot topic with Christianity is the Hell debate. Rob Bell is an upcoming pastor who does not believe in Hell and is part of a sect called Annhilationism. Annhilationism has a trend of becoming popular every 200 years or so and we are in its revival. A question arises though: why doesn’t it ever last? The answer is that in the Christian faith, false doctrines will die out and later be brought back up, usually by someone proclaiming that it fits their own personal feelings better, even if it doesn’t support the true text. The true text being the actual and not twistable word of God, is something that is not mere opinion but based on the truth, not interpretation.
  Where is Hell at in the Christian bible? Luke 16:19-31 is the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. In this story, Jesus Christ declares a hell and that the rich man was eternally separated from the graces of heaven. God has a perfect heaven, and we, being imperfect, need to be cleansed of our sins. If life was fair, no one would like what they got.
            The bible has the evidence of why Christianity believes what it believes. I simply quoted where I got my source from. Where is the evidence that Christianity does not believe in separation by hell? It’s not there, but people will take any chance to write as if it’s not.
The Christian faith is attacked as an enemy to others and is becoming the norm.  People accuse and assume things about us and our faith without asking questions. And unfortunately, the people they do listen to are not credited with speaking the truth. I challenge anyone that has a question or that would just like to talk about life to come to a Christian student union or stop a disciple of Christ. God is, and I hope that my family and I, in Christ, can show everybody that. The glory goes to God. 

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