Check The Label: Hidden Sugar

Just the other day i ran to wally world to make myself a "paleo" low carb recovery snack [paleo is in quotes because it was probably not all organic]. I had decided to create an epic trail mix full of dried fruit, almonds, and beef jerky; if you've never added beef jerky to your trail mix you're missing out.

I grabbed the almonds, raw and unsalted.Then I picked up a bag of dried cranberry's and out of curiosity read the ingredients on the back: Cranberry, Sugar, preservatives. I thought the addition of sugar was weird but i grabbed a different bag of dried fruit, cherry's: Cherry's, Sugar, Preservatives. I grabbed another bag, and another, and another all having sugar added. Eventually i landed on dried apples, no added sugar or anything. By the Way the ingredients for raisins simply said raisins.

Next I was searching through all of the beef jerky brands i had eaten countless times before, looking for a high protein low carb snack. I noticed six grams of sugar on the back and then read the ingredients: Brown Sugar. Each bag had either brown sugar or dextrose added to the mixture spiking the possibility of an insulin response. As we've talked about before in the blog there is a difference in insulin response between processed sugar and the medium chain lengths in fruit. I eventually had to settle on the jerky with the least amount of sugar added per serving.

The mixture from walmart was:
Raw almonds, 2 handfuls [Blue Diamond]
3 servings jerky strips [Jack Links Beef strips]
3 servings dried apples [great value dried apples]

The moral of this story is that you need to always read the label because companies will spike something natural with something unnecessary. In this case it was sugar.

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