4 Ways to Keep Motivated In Defeat

Some of ya'll may know that Team Endunamoo participated in the Killeen Nationals USAPL meet. The meet did not go gracefully as both of us scratched on all of our squats. In other words we lost out chances to medal and even place. For one of us it was a technical error with the weight selection. For another it was a miss-communication on technique and legality. Either way we finished the meet knowing that nothing we could do would allow us to place. That leads me to today's post topic: Motivation.

1. God
Why start anywhere else? God should be the number one motivator in our competitive drive. Romans 8:28 tells us that " we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Knowing that I love God and that I can use my talent to His purpose a tragedy or a loss works into what God has planned.

2. Improvements
What does defeat tell us other than that we can improve. The old saying goes, "I can't learn if I don't lose." In other words without some form of mistake we cannot learn from that. There was but one man that lived a perfect life, therefore we all have plenty of future mistakes to learn from.

3. Witness In Defeat
After losing out on my chance to medal at my first nationals meet I pulled out a smile and finished the day of lifting. What i figured is this meet was more about witness than winning. What I didn't expect was the conversations i would have, and the opportunities that arose. One lifter saw my tattoo and commented on the verse. Something as simple as not being down and a conversation starter led to a talk focused on Christ. Someone seeing a positive outlook on a negative situation will be curious.

4. Next Time
Not everyone has a next meet/game, however we usually have a next day. An athlete doesn't stop being an athlete; if you have the drive to succeed that follows you for the rest of your life. Just by knowing that God is for us we can be happy about tomorrow; whether or not we get to compete again. Remember where our focus stands; on God and not on Wins.

So as you prepare for your next athletic venture or, as for the Texas boys going into their first day of 2adays keep your eyes to the sky and remember His glory.

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