The Lion Tamer: Our God Delivers and Rescues

Building inventory for Endu's workout regimine I crafted a beastly machine. On one end two poles climbed out of a basket starring out like fangs protruding from a dogs jaw. The basket is just an open field to house the baggage and stress to increase the difficulty. Underneath the belly of the beast two timbers run, to "increase" it's ability to slide but seems to just sink deeper into the earth. But this monster of a machine still has more to offer. At the very front sits an eight foot chain, anchored deep into the wood, and then attached to a pole. All of this is bundled into a 2x3 foot frame of terror. Cunningly we applied the name, DLD.

Daniel 6:27:
DLD stands for Daniel in the Lions Den; symbolically standing for the anguish and pain that should come from the workout, but the strength and presence of God that will get us through an almost impossible to "survive" situation. Second is the basket, the basket that holds the weights that increase the difficulty and stress of the workout. Just as the lions den was the place where all of Daniels danger rested, he trusted in HIS GOD to guide him through.

He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of the lions. [KJV]

It is a combination of the grace of God that echoes in this story, and the faith of Daniel that gives us a daily example. This doesn't have to hold for only working out [although some workouts need strength from God to get us through] but for the daily Lions Den of our life. When our belief is a contradiction to the secular world we are challenging the "King's" way. Sometimes this puts us in a "Lions Den" of challenge or pressure.

Your boss doesn't agree with bold Christianity but you still stand out. He warns you about "tolerance" and your job is now at risk. What do you do? Just as Daniel stood strong with his God we must stand strong and go faithfully into the Lions Den. Remember, our God delivers and rescues. 

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