Reminders of the Past

A man was flying on a plane in 1st class and he was seated near a Jewish Rabbi. Throughout the flight this rabbi had a young man, in his early twenties, come to him throughout and serve him. He would bring him his favorite pillow, food, and scripture always taking care of the Rabbi. As the flight began to come to an end the young man came and packed up the rabbi's stuff and went back to coach. The man sitting by the rabbi leaned over and said, "Wow, your son must really love you i could never get my kid to do that." The rabbi leaned over with a smile and replied, "That's not my son, he is my apprentice." The other gentleman startled asked, "How do you get him to respect you so much?" With a calm voice the rabbi responded,

"Because, in Jewish culture we respect our elders, not because they are older; but because they are a generation closer to God."

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