Recipes: Protein Oatmeal pancakes

This mixture right here is an athletes dream for breakfast. You're going to be absorbing high amounts of low GI carbs mixed with some fast and slower digesting proteins in higher quantaties. Cinnamon will give you some absorption properties and better flavors. Not to mention it's going to taste amazing and get you past the regular bland breakfast.

3 eggs

2 cup oatmeal
25 gr vanilla whey protein
1 tsp cinnamon
4 oz milk
1 oz butter
cooking oil

Mix dry ingredients and stir until well mixed then crack eggs and add whole; stir until clumpy mixture has formed; then add milk and butter and stur until a clumpy liquid has formed. Make sure to spread oat's out evenly. Heat frying pan to medium-medium hot; add oil to pan. Create 3 large pancake patties and place them on skillet; make sure they don't touch. spread out oats so that there is an even distribution. Once mixture bubbles, or the outside of the cake browns flip. Cook evenly on both sides for best flavor. Serves one serious athlete/weightgainer.

Calories: 702
Protein: 53
Carbs: 122
Fats: 26

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