Love Your Heart and LIFT!

New research published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology has some avid aerobic enthusiasts and runners a little upset.

Weight training was shown to increase all areas of cardiovascular health [such as VO2 max]. Myocardial function was shown to be enhanced in response to acute High Intensity resistance training. By training to momentary muscular failure the adaptations of the entire body including the cardiovascular system were improved. This training leads to vascular remodeling and furthered physiological adaptation. The pressure may cause stress adaptations and therefore "heart health". [1]

To break this down even further, by lifting heavy weights and causing a stress load on the body we will see cardiovascular adaptation. An endurance athlete will benefit from this in two ways, increased strength and therefore greater work capacity; and also improved cardiovascular endurance.

We also see a great cardiovascular improvement and adaption with HIIT training. This is a great method and will improve strength, while having cardiovascular adaption and fat oxidation [fat loss] potential.

  1. James Steele, James Fisher, Doug McGuff, Stewart Bruce Low, Dave Smith (June 2012) Resistance Training To Momentarily Muscular Failure Improves Cardiovascular Fitness in Humans: A Review of Acute Physiological Responses and Chronic Physiological Adaptions. [journal of exercise physiology]

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