It's How We're Made

I was sitting in the gym the other day [this is how a lot of my stories wind up going] when a couple came in with their baby. This kid was new to the whole walking scene and was just woddling around struggling with each step, something your average adult would have not problem with. What this kid did do with ease, is something else we should all be able to do as well [including me]. Without thinking he drops into a heel to calf squat with an uppright torso and just sits there. I challange you right now to get up from your computer and do it, I DARE YOU. You probably can't, I know i can't unless i i've been warming up all day or if i just squatted. We were made to squat deep, PERIOD.

The prevalences of bowel diseases (hemorrhoids, appendicitis, polyps, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticular disease, and colon cancer) are similar in South African whites and in populations of prosperous western countries. Among rural South African blacks with a traditional life style, these diseases are very uncommon or almost unknown [1]

Nice quote right? The important thing this study realized was that the way "civilized" nations use the bathroom has actually created problems for the flow of the digestive tract. When we sit on a toilet we cause unnatural tension and position that does not allow for propper "flow." Apendecitis, IBM, Colon problems, all linked to 1st world country bathroom use. [For more on our Digestive flow and toilets click]

Aside from the digestive delimma our unnatural body position has created we also decrease athletic potentional by eliminating this BORN WITH squat ability. Before scoffing at the athlete reference remember God has put man to work for his whole life; therefore we are made to be workers our entire life, civilized culture has eliminated many survival and physical based activities for the majority; thus instead of me calling everyone "survivalists" we are all termed ATHLETES; We are all made to be athletic until the day we die, and maintenance and proper position is key.

"olympic squat"

The proper deep squat is what I will call the "olympic squat" because it is how an Olympic lifter will catch a clean or a snatch. Practice this technique and work on mobility until it's a casual movement fore you.(1) With feet slightly outside of shoulder width and slight angling of the toes outward, (2) descend into a hamstring on calf squat. The hips will extend so a lordartic curve in this position is near impossible unless you have a counter balance [bar resting on shoulders] don't worry too much. Key for the movement is that heels stay in contact with the floor at all times, no raising to toes that's cheating and my grandmother can do that.(*1) For the advanced movement have toes point DIRECTLY FORWARD to create torque from the ankles to the hips. This is a difficult technique to master but this is my squat foot position. As a lifter the more torque the more weight can be moved.

Since that is how we are made, I assume we should maintain that. Get to work guy's!!

  1. Walker AR, Segal I., Epidemiology of noninfective intestinal diseases in various ethnic groups in South Africa. Israel Journal of Medical Science, 1979 Apr;15(4):309-13.

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