How to beat your obsession/Delilah

(Judges 13-17 the story of Samson)

1)      Realize you have a Fatal attraction
a)      Basically catch yourself idolizing something other than Christ. It can be friends, sports, family or anything you don’t see as bad. The devil can sneak his way in without you ever knowing.

2)      Recognize the schemes of the enemy.
a)      With Samson he ignored the obvious signs of an attacker because he was focused on the looks of Delilah. The beginning of Judges 16 is all about how Delilah sneaks in and pursues Samson for the wrong reasons; she was offered money to trade Samson’s weakness to his future assassins.
b)      In Judges 16:19 the ultimate betrayal was thrown at Samson as Delilah herself cut his hair and then began to AFFLICT him. She herself attacked Samson, the person he let into his life attacked him.
c)       2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Another translation says Satan comes as a friend. Be careful, Satan can show his face as a close friend or even family or someone helping you out in a time of need. Once you realize something you thought was great is separating you from God, you can realize Satan is working his way on you.

3)      Refuse to grow comfortable with sin
a)      Samson breaks every covenant he had with God and he was okay with it. How comfortable do we get with sin when it feels convenient?  Don’t allow the ease and convenience of sin to justify it with yourself.

4)      Run from tempting circumstances
a)      It means what it says, run from a situation where you know God wont thrive

5)      Replace your Delilah/obsession with a better Delilah/obsession
a)      We all know God should be our only idol and obsession so take what were focusing on now and bump it under God.

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