Elvis Shook His Pelvis and David Danced Before The Lord

Second question of the week brings up a pretty common topic, spot reduction, in which we have a target area that we want to pull fat from and reveal the muscle that's playing peek a boo underneath. When i train clients a lot of the time they create this invisible tire with their hands and then seem to run it around their midsection suggestion that's what needs to go. Now in your head your picturing someone you know who does that. Anyway todays question is,

Can anyone give me some good exercises for waist/hips fat loss?
Jon F.
Back to the intro, spot reduction does not exist despite the glossy magazines or the trainers with a 300 dollar diploma [mines already in the thousands of dollars and still growing]. However, people can have areas on their body where fat seems to cling and thats just how were made to survive. The only way to reduce fat in a certain area is to reduce fat overall, this means you have to work your tail off.

googled elvis, #1 suggestion was elvis presley fat. Google win of the day.

Overall body fat won't reduce unless we first modify diet. The fastest way to do this based on current research is to drastically reduce carbohydrate intake. Gluten, rice, corn, and wheat all become off limits and the main source of carbs will come from our fruits, veggies, and roots [although for faster results not eating potatoes will help]. This is basically what the Genesis crowd would have consumed. Some of you may be thinking, but it takes carbs to initaite fat oxidation! Two things i've came to the conclusion of; 1) God would not make us in a way that if we had to use our own stores of energy to survive we would need to eat carbs also; 2) When we take in fatty acids from animals we can convert the compounds into the rate limitors and use that to oxidize fat stores. [This is one of my better write ups on low carb dieting] Lower carbohydrate's also equal lower blood insulin levels and increased insulin sensitivity that results in a dramitic reduce in Diabetes risk. Having a reduction in overall calories also will have a role to play but at first not necessary.

Special note: fat is not bad for you, the FDA decided that since it had the highest caloric content per gram it was the most unhealthy [I call bogus]. All research associated with fat being negative are because the individuals were consuming copious amounts of calories along with insulin impacting carbohydrates the entire time.

So the new calorie ratio based on this style of dieting would be: 35-45% Protein, 20% carbs, 45-35% fat.

Once we reduce overall bodyfat we can increase muscle mass in the area and therefore have a higher resting metabolism. Muscle costs a lot and it takes a lot to feed it, once you run out of fuel [bodyfat] it will eat itself. Exercising in the hip girdle area will allow for potential muscle increase and a higher burn in that area. So here is a faster way to add mass:

High Bar squats: 3setsx12reps @ 65% 1RM [12th rep should be HARD but form should stay strong]
Dbell lunge: 5x10 yards @ 25-75 lbs [pick one that's hard but not impossible]
Front Squat: 3x8 reps @ 45% 1RM [of back squat]

This routine can be practiced twice a week as it is sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and for aesthetics not strength. Keep at least 48 hrs between training sessions. Every 3 workouts increase weight by 5 lbs until failure is reached [or in other words you reach homeostasis] and then find new programming. Coupled with the higher protein diet you'll see mass gains and fat loss which is the best way to have "spot reduction."

2 Samuel 6: 14 And David was dancing before the LORD with all his might, and David was wearing a linen ephod

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