Bree-tish Olympics 2012: Update 1

These Olympics better Chivvy along before the rest of the world is cheesed off at this absolute tosh. As long as we bring home some gold's i guess Bob's your uncle and we'll all be chuffed as nuts.

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For you regular/loyal/few readers that was some british lingo i looked up just for this intro [you're welcome]. Now onto the important part of the olympics, the opening ceremony [It's like the super bowl, you watch for the commercials]. If you missed it, lucky you, i'll just fill you in on what happened. Inside the stadium was a green pasture field with plenty of workers he-hoeing with their livestock. Well, then this tree sitting atop a hill in the middle starts flying up and all these soot covered workers come walking out and ruining all the grass and rolling it up like teenage vandals. Next come these British guys in suits dancing around instructing all the workers to build. It works it way into a bunch of steel mill guys creating a glowing ring which floats to the sky and is accompanied by another set of rings forming the olympic symbol [fireworks]. Next come children in beds with dancing nannies and nurses; once the kids fall asleep hundred foot tall villains from harry potter, peter pan, and Alice in wonder land pop up to scare the kids. Of course as expected 100 marry poppens float down with umbrellas singing supercalafragalisticexpealodocious. Eventually there is an enjoyable part were the classic and always funny Mr. Bean joins the British Opera on the piano and goes through self induced fiasco's. Blowing his nose while playing, having a simple note to play the whole time, daydreaming, messing up his single note, etc. Then these teenagers leave their family dinner to go party, two kids fall in love and kiss. Party music everywhere. Somewhere in that was a display of British history.

If you skipped the last paragraph good for you. Now the important stuff, The U.S. took home a handful of medals today. Silver in archery as our team shot up the competition. Swimming brought home four medals itself: Gold in the men's 400; Silver in women's 400; Bronze in men's free 400; Bronze in women's 4x100 free. US Women's basketball took won their first game smashing Croatia 81-56. #TeamUSA

Phelps got his perfect record tarnished today when Ryan Lochte smoked him in the 400 IM  for a time of 4:05.18 and the gold. Phelps left that race without a medal for the first time in 17 races, something he's not taking lightly. For the majority of the race it seemed that Lochte was going to own a new World Record. However, at the end his gas tank ran out and he floated to the finish. Although I'm more fond towards Phelps, at least the USA is bringing home a gold. Looks like Phelps needs more subway.

Fun Fact:
In the 1900-1920 Olympics they had Tug-O-War as a competitive sport. I'd be in to compete at that just saying.

Foreigners weightlifting.
US does not impress so far in the weightlifting events. Wang Mingjuan wins the gold in the 48 KG by a whole 8 kg with a total of 205 kg. For you non weightlifting people, that's a whole lot to clean and jerk, and then snatch.

That is the first of a handful of Olympic shoutouts. If you want more details, more frequent updates, or you just wanna talk comment below.

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