Band Work and Mobility On Squat Day

My bromigo and fellow Team Endunamoo mate asked me about my mobility and band work on squat days. We all know how crucial being mobile is to sinking a deep squat and then driving it up; especially in the hip girdle. When i train athletes and your regular joe trying to get in shape i always make sure they do mobility work. Curious as to why?

"Mobility is the ability to move the body and its constituent parts in a variety of directions and carry out both simple and complex motor tasks... Stable, controlled, and coordinated movement within our occasionally unstable and frequently unpredictable home, work, and play environments facilitates adequate function and survival... Mobility is likely the most complicated element of fitness." - Fit the book

To further the understanding that mobility has on our athletic abilities let's define stable. Being stable means that you are balanced and strong against opposite forces. You are resistant to change and from displaced equilibrium. A stable knee does not get blown out, an unstable knee does. Therefore linking these definitions, mobility increases stability and coordination through various planes of motion.

Back to the original question what mobility work do i do on squat days? If you plan on participating with us in this practice of mobility you need a GOOD resistance band. Something like what EliteFTS would produce. If you cannot afford a band then you're limited to this work.

Most of what i will be introducing here will come from Mobilitywod.com:

Pre squat:
This is my only mobility work pre squat. Research is abundant in how we should not static stretch before working out. The muscle length change reduces athletic ability and in theory reduces actin myosin bridging [could be wrong on this one]. However, this is joint capsule opening and ideal for sinking a DEEP SQUAT.

Once the hip has opened some i then progess into hip swings and straight leg kicks->

This will increase blood flow to the lower body and increase our mobility pre squat, not to mention prime the CNS for being strong in that range of motion. I have an active version of the above MWOD stretch that i use on my athletes that i will record and show everyone at some point.

A key not is to save band work for post workout; believe it or not just stretching in the capsule against a band can wear out a lot of those stabilizer muscles. Bands do something called opposite force pressure; this is where we stretch the muscle one direction while having a band pull at the joint allowing for proper ROM. For instance i have a tight right hip, adductor to piriformis. What i do is use a band with 80 lbs resistance and pull on the joint capsule allowing for it to momentarily open up; I then stretch the area applying force one direction while the band pulls another.

Post Squat:
Now we get our bands out, without a band you can use the stretch without the opposite force benefit. If you have a close friend have them be your opposite force and pull your leg where it needs to go.

Post squat i do stretches 1, 3, 5, and 6. Here are my variations to each one though.
1. With this stretch i take my leg with the band and create a parallel angel the the band; this forms a 90 degree angle to my resting leg; i use the knee of my resting leg to drive my ankle into this forced ROM and keep the angle. Both legs for 60 sec each.
3. I do this facing towards the band and away from the band. NOTE: leg with the band is always the leg with the knee on the ground. Notice the MR. Universe pose with his arm, this stretches the psoas even greater. 60 sec each leg.
5. I perform this squat hold with a band resting on my sciatic [between butt and back]. I stretch out the band and then sit on my heels at different distances. shoulder width for 60 sec, and squat stance for 60 sec.
6. I perform this stretch with a chair in front of me so i can raise my torso perpendicular to the ground for a deeper stretch, 120 sec per leg.

Final note, remember it takes 2 min to change soft tissue, so for each joint capsule of muscle body you stretch have at least 2 min of stretch time or your not getting full benefits.

God has put man to work for his whole life; therefore we are made to be workers our entire life, civilized culture has eliminated many survival and physical based activities for the majority; thus instead of me calling everyone "survivalists" we are all termed ATHLETES; We are all made to be athletic until the day we die, and maintenance and proper position is key. - Team Endunamoo


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