Athletes: Do You Want To Jump Higher?

A recent study was published concerning the improvement of an athletes vertical correlating to resistance training. The researchers took the male lifters and after having them engage in Snatch Pulls they tested their vertical power via a 3D motion analysis machine. The tests were done before, during and after pulls. Increases in force output were seen during and post pulls suggesting that stimulus from snatch pulls increased the bodies ability to produce the force. Researchers said that mid workout force around the knee was increased; at the end of the workout force around the ankle was increased.

Endu Method:
To increase explosive training do snatch pulls during your workout and then post routine engage in plyometric box jumps. Follow this programming on your next olympic explosive day [which any athlete not in season should]

Powerclean: WU, 2x5 @ 75% 1Rm 3x3 @ 80% 1Rm
Snatch pull: 4x8 @45% 1RM [deadlift max]
box jump: 5x8 [challenging box height]
Weighted sit ups: 4x10

  1. Chiu L ZF, Salem GJ. (May 2012) Potential of Vertical Jump During a Snatch Pull Exercise Session. retrieved. (Pubmed PMID: 22695032) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22695032

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