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Hello Endu Stars, have i got some information to lay on you. First and foremost I've began chipping away at some of the details and hopefully Midwestern State University's EnduWOD on the Quad will hold it's first ever session on August 15th at Midwestern's Quad. Time and more details will be brought forth later, but more likely than not it will be in the morning. Remember, I've spent all summer personally training and group training people/athletes and have seen great results with a lot of people. This isn't a throw it together class, this is a metabolism altering training program with an emphasis on strength transfer. ALL August classes will be free for ANYBODY able to make it. Class will go for 45 -60 min with a 15 min ScriptureWOD to finish.

Next I wanted to say adios to a couple highschool guy's i trained this summer. They will be following a program i create when i leave.

The athlete on the left is C.J. and the guy on the right is Chris Cross semi pro wrestler. Chris Cross has been training with us working on technique and strength transfer and is habbing a bad hamstring. He's been increasing ROM and technique has skyrocketed. The most impressive change for C.J. would be his running. Three weeks ago C.J. came to me asking if i could PT [Personal Train] him for his 60 time, because college coaches were looking at him. Starting at a decent 7.1 he was unsatisfied and hungry for more. Keeping it simple, as that is usually the key, we focused on technique and strength transfer. More time was spent doing plyos, cleans, and squats than actually running. Normally that wouldn't be the case but we had three weeks to see some results. If you remember the 0-40 in 4.5 seconds article on running technique, C.J. was living that protocol.

Arm drive, foot position, and knee drive are all crucial in generating force and propelling yourself forward. That 7.1 C.J. was forcing dropped to a smooth 6.8. Will this happen this fast for everyone? No definantly not, however this will impact your speed in some positive way [which makes it worth a shot]

Finally I'll leave you with the #transferstrength programming the guys followed for their time with Endu.

[post warm up]
HB squat [70 degree]: 5x5 @ 75% 1RM
Powerclean Squat:4x4 @ 45% 1RM [Deadlift]
DBell snatch: 3x8 ea. E:R @ 2:1
Snatch Pull: 3x8 @ 45% 1RM [Deadlift]
Box Jump: 3x8
Drop Jump: 4x5

Arm Swing Routine

Nationals powerlifting in Killeen Tx will be happening this Saturday so if you feel led pray from #TeamEndunamoo as we go for gospel, missionary, records and Gold.

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