Panta ishchuo en too Endunamounti me Christoo; P 4:13

Maybe this will help some, a more simple form of putting it:

Ischyo pas en Christos ho Endunamoo me; P413

Maybe that doesn't mean anything to you, but to me that means overcoming struggles and obstacles with the power of Christ. That is Philippians 4:13 pronounced in Greek in two of the several ways it could be said, I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me. Paul the apostle wrote this epistle while he sat in jail, an old and beaten man. However, with Christ he was a force strengthened beyond what anyone without Christ could be. ENDUNAMOOMECHRISTOO.com was founded on the focus of that vers, Christ Strengthens me.

So what does this symbol mean?

That symbol represents the accomplishment of Christ, and the victory for us. Yes this is incorporated into the fitness industry, yes this is applicable to athletes. It's much more than a motivating symbol or a depiction of our Lord hanging on a Cross holding sin in his hands. It's a combination of the greatest strength ever, and the only thing that gives us hope at life.

The old question used to stump a Christian was, "If God is almight and can do all things, can he create a weight too big for him to move?" Of course if you answer no, then God is not almighty enough to create something that great; if you say yes then God is not almighty enough to move the weight and therefore cannot do all things. This image represents the power God has though:

Sin was a weight that occured, a weight too great for God to have in his presence. God is so perfect that he cannot be in the presence of imperfection. We see God in the bible represented as fire, a pure high energy substance. And we are told that imperfection in the presence of God will surely die, and burn. Moses, Isaiah, even the seraphim [his angels of worship] could not look directly at God's might and perfection. And thus the paradox of our imperfection being unmovable by God. Sin itself could not be near God; we are sin; therefore we cannot be near God. This was his immovable weight. And then a miracle, God the Father set up a path for hundreds of years so that the messiah could come. God came in human form, Godman, and LIFTED THE WEIGHT. He held the weight above his head and took the load from us.

Endunamoomechristoo.com's picture is more than a flashy image of Christ doing a masculine muscular feat. It is a symbol of how God moved the greatest weight in our lives. All praise, honor, and glory go to the father.

Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

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