SQUAT Ph.D [biomechanics work] Eye Position

This is a taste of some of the stuff endunamoomechristoo.com will be focusing on at the GetFit seminar in Gunter Tx July 21 at 10 a.m. If your in the Grayson county area i HIGHLY recommend you come and get some technique work. [Facebook link]

Where do your eyes go when you begin to descend in the squat? Today i was waiting on the ONLY squat rack that the gym i was using had. The guy's were not going parallel nor where they using good technique, but the worst thing i noticed was the eyes to the sky approach they took. It looked like they were turkeys during a rain storm [when it rains turkeys will sometimes gaze at the sky with their mouth open and sometimes drown]. So the inner form guru in me jumped out and i had to coach them some.

How did your coach teach you to squat though? Probably eyes to the sky, and at first i wouldn't say that's a bad thing. When you have a new squatter they will be doing reduced weight and they will have poor form. Eye's to the sky is used to teach a new athlete to drive through the chest and not lose arch in the back and erectors. Once serious weight is put on no one corrects this form.

Your eyes need to do the "Rippetoe" stare, which is a glazed look slightly down and forward. The way i coach this is to pick a spot far in front of you, possibly 20 ft. and zone out on it. It's a neutral position and puts less stress on the cervical collar reducing possible injuries. At first you may feel unbalanced, that's okay you need to practice this. Remember squatting is about technique and practice, not just any practice perfect practice. Next time you squat remember Rippetoe.

Since it's Friday i figure we should also enjoy some Praise God and PR Friday. My take: God has blessed me with knowledge and the ability to pay all my bills and still have surplus what a blessing! In the gym today a doubled 550 in the squat rack today, or in other words i two repped what i did to break the Texas squat record in April.


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