Shakes: Redline Dream [preworkout+wakeup+weightloss]

This shake is something that i throw down in the mornings before i have a busy day or whenever i need a quick shot of protein and energy. Note that the protein intake is lower than a normal scoop this is for 2 reasons. First off is that by not being in a highly anabolic state we're less likely to absorb and shuttle all of the protein to where it needs to go. Up to 15 gr of protein in a non anabolic state [like one that comes from intense exercise]  can result in improved protein synthesis. Taking in BCAA preworkout has been shown to further protein synthesis and improve in recovery time. A twist on this would be to add a maltodextrin carbohydrate source as that combined with Essential Amino Acids has been shown to increase endurance and strength. The Redline itself is a good false energy source and a solid thermogenic, plus the flavor doesn't hurt.

Ingredients: [weightloss aid + morning pick up]
Crushed ice
15 gr vanilla protein
1 serving redline [half bottle]
10 gr BCAA
6 oz water


Ingredients: [30 minutes preworkout for intense exercise]
Crushed ice
25 gr vanilla protein
1 serving redline [half bottle]
10 gr BCAA
30 gr Fruit flavored carbohydrates [maltodextrin form]
12 oz water

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