Shakes: Fig Newton [Growth+health+post]

This shake is not one of the best tasting. It's not going to tantelize your taste buds [unless fig newtons are your most favorite thing ever] but what it will do is get your body recovering towards where you want it too.

  • BLENDER [can be done with shaker but blending really gets it right]
  • 50 gr Chocolate whey protein
  • 8 oz prune juice
  • 5 gr glutamine
  • 5 gr creatine
  • *optional- 1 serving colon health powder/non flavor fiber powder
  • 8 oz water
Add water, prune juice, glutamine, and creatine to mixer. Then add chocolate whey and mix THOROUGHLY. Muscle down the flavor without having an adverse reaction via the gag reflex.

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