Recipes: southwest Tuna Burger [strength growth]

This burger was a creation of my wild imagination. Cold tuna gets old after a while and sometimes you have to get creative. This meal will provide plenty of carbs proteins and good fats, eat up and get rid of that nasty tuna taste.

6 oz canned tuna in water
30 gr oatmeal
1 egg
crushed red paper
tabasco sauce
[any southwest seasoning]
2 slices whole grain bread
1 slice pepper jack cheese

add oil to frying pan [olive oil] and heat to medium temperature. combine tuna, oatmeal, red paper, tabasco, egg and seasoning and form 2 moist patties. Skillet fry until crispy on both sides. Toast bread and add mayo spread on one slice. While still frying place cheese between two patties and cook until cheese has softened. Enjoy your spicy burger and get strong!

Calories- 585
Carbs- 55
Protein- 65
Fat- 21

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