Recipes shakes: Iced Chocolate Mocha

I usually down this for breakfast or on a day when i don't have a pre workout and i need that kick to get me through the day. Coffee offers the natural caffeine and antioxidants good for boosting metabolism and for recovering muscles. The whey protein adds an immediate source of proteins while the milk brings in more complex and slower digesting ones.

8 oz. black coffee
25 gr chocolate whey protein
8 oz milk [whole/skim/2% your call]
Shaker bottle

Add ice to shaker and then fill with coffee. After that fill with 8 oz of milk [shaker should be pretty full by then.] Pour protein on top, put lid on and then shake until everything is well mixed.

Calories- 240
Carbohydrates- 15
Proteins- 35
Fats- 4

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