Recipe: Low Carb Egg Pizza

Ever have a craving for pizza but watching the carbs? Rather than splurging on an entire Large meat lovers pizza and killing your diet you can eat this and not feel guilty about it:

Serves one:
3 eggs
4 oz milk
grated cheddar cheese
Ragu pasta sauce smooth
Pepperoni slices [7 count]

Take small round frying pan [works best] or skillet and heat on high. Add olive oil to pan for no sticking. Break eggs and add to bowl for stirring, then add milk and mix thoroughly. Once pan is hot add eggs to skillet and prepare like an omlet, sifting eggs and allowing eggs to cook through [keep flat like a giant pancake]. Once eggs are almost cooked through add Ragu sauce and evenly distribute. Reduce heat to low/med and allow eggs to continue cooking through and warming up sauce. Sprinkle desired quantity of cheese on eggs and sauce and place pepperoni slices on as desired. Use spatula to keep eggs from sticking and allow heat to melt cheese and warm the pepperoni. Enjoy some high fat/protein low carb diet pleaser.

Carbs: 9
Protein: 32
Fat: 41
Calories: 455

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