How to make your own pressure ball

I call it a pressure ball, some call it a lacrosse ball, and others call it a ball from Hades [that's a Greek word for all of you fellow NT nerds]. The point of this ball is to apply pressure on certain areas of the body and in that process loosen up knots. The way i use it is by placing it on tender muscles around my scapula and laying on them until it either pops or relaxes the muscle. It can be used all over and won't cost you more than 3 bucks. If you're lucky like me you'll find all of this just lying around your place.

You need:
Tennis ball
Athletic tape

Take tennis ball and apply pressure making it as tight as possible. With pressure still applied wrap athletic tape around adding grip and constant tension on the ball. I'll post a video or instructions on how to really dig the muscles in.

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