How low to go on low carbs?

As a disclaimer i advocate low carbohydrate diets for weight loss, to a certain extent. I've seen some research on low carb diets and it is an effective diet, up too 9 weeks. The rest of my article claims will be cited at the bottom of the article. First i want to declare that not all carbs are equal. A smaller chain carbohydrate would be higher on the Glycemic Index [GI] and result in a greater spike in insulin.

The testers evaluated the effects of mixed meals differing in GI and carbohydrate content on postprandial serum glucose and insulin response over the course of a 12-h day. In this randomized crossover trial, 26 overweight or obese adults received four diets in random order (high GI, high carbohydrate [HGI-HC]; high GI, low carbohydrate [HGI-LC]; low GI, high carbohydrate [LGI-HC]; and low GI, low carbohydrate [LGI-LC]). All meals were prepared by a metabolic kitchen. Participants received breakfast, lunch, and dinner over the course of a 12-h day. Primary outcomes were postprandial serum glucose and insulin quantified as area under the curve. The HGI-LC, LGI-HC, and LGI-LC diets significantly reduced glucose and insulin area under the curve compared with the HGI-HC diet. Reducing the GI or carbohydrate content of mixed meals reduces postprandial glycemia and insulinemia, and these changes can be sustained over the course of an entire day. However, there were no differences in subjective hunger and satiety ratings between the diets. These results demonstrate that maintaining a low GI or glycemic load diet is an effective method of controlling serum glucose and insulin levels.1

I highlighted key points before the study breaks down the findings. Although a high GI diet did reduce insulin and serum glucose levels it was combined with a LOW CARB diet. This suggests we can consume HGI carbohydrates but further studies show us the timing that can be used for greater results.

In this study three hundred and sixty-three overweight and obese participants were recruited; 102 of them had type 2 diabetes. The participants were advised to choose LCD or LDKD, depending on their preference. The initial dose of some antidiabetic medications was decreased to half and some were discontinued at the beginning of the dietary program in the LCKD group. Dietary counseling and further medication adjustment were done on a biweekly basis.The LCD and LCKD had beneficial effects on all the parameters examined. Interestingly, these changes were more significant in subjects who were on the LCKD as compared with those on the LCD. Changes in the level of creatinine were not statistically significant.2

With this research we see that by following a low carb diet rather than a low calorie diet not only will there be greater results in weight and body fat loss, but you can consume more calories and possibly retain a more "full" feeling. As for Athletes more calories can mean more protein, more protein means more protein synthesis, more protein synthesis means a greater nitrogren balance, greater nitrogen balance means more muscle mass, and therefore a leaner meaner machine.

However this diet should only be for a short period of time, say no more than 9 weeks. Some research has found that extended periods on this diet can make one succeptable to non alchoholic fatty liver disease. This was shown when rats consumed a low to no carb diet for extended periods of time.3 After a 9 week period switch diet to a Low GI diet. More posts will come with nutrition based information on what LowGI would be and what to consume.

CONCLUSION: A low carbohydrate diet is profitable for faster weight loss along with healthy fat loss. God gave us resources to carbohydrate foods and we abuse it. We overconsume carbohydrates and create constant spikes in insulin. Eventually all of that storage results in fat gain and health problems. Some nutritionist theorize that our contries obesity epedimic is not because of high fat, but solely because of our sugary and HGI diets. Drop the sweet stuff and go natural. Low carb diet for 9 weeks or in an athletes case until competition.

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