What's The Buzz: Top 3 things your preworkout doesn't need

For a while now we've been combing through certain preworkouts and supplements that people have been thinking about. I want to take some of your precious time to let you know that not everything that is considered good has to be compacted into your pre workout. Just by paying attention to this you can now either 1) look for high quality products that arn't cramming stuff that's not necessary into your product, or 2) go and create your own preworkout and save on these non essentials [at least not essential pre workout].

Top 3 things your preworkout doesn't need:

Now you're probably thinking im crazy for saying this, especially when 99% of pre workouts have creatine hiddin somewhere in their proprietary blend. However, I'm not saying creatine is bad, I'm saying preworkout it just makes your urine expensive.
Our body runs on 3 bioenergetic systems, the Immediate system is the fastest and most effecient at producing ATP. You can say that this system basically runs on creatine. Once depleted out body restores its creatine resevouir within an amazing 5 minutes. Once this has been restored you can't really add much too it. The only way to deplete it is by having vigorus intense exercise [mainly something like olympic or powerlifting]. You cannot fill a cup once it's already reached the top.
The best time to take creatine is during exercise or immediately afterwards. By absorbing the creatine at these times you can build up the amount of creatine you can hold.
This product is also in roughly 99% of preworkouts, mainly because it has a claim of rushing nutrients faster. However studies have been shown that arginine may only be effective at doses around 30 gr. That is the amount of arginine used in congestive heart patients also. Your concentrate is probably only giving you 1gr and if you take a full bodied preworkout you may get 2 or 3 gr. With 5 usually being considered the bare minimum your still far from the 5-30 mark. That being said our body natually vasodialites and it does it in a healthy and fast way. What's more remarkable is that glucose has been shown to be a better vasodialator than arginine, INSULIN can flood the system much faster.

In one study, insulin infustion into the blood was shown to be more effective
in incerasing NO-dependant muscle blood flow than 30 gr of arginine. -Johny Ivy, P.H.D.
I've ranted on this before and i see that this product can easily be used within a productive range, i just realize that supplement companies are not doing that. They're watering down a lot of better stimulants and forcing people to take unknown amounts [and probably unsafe amounts] of DMAA. Click here for the full scoop.

In the end your looking at 3 things, [2 of which just make your urine expensive] that your probably wasting your money on. If you can find a cost effective high quality product with all three of this you've hit the jackpot. Good hunting!

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