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It's been a while since I've had a post. Work and studying has added a lot to my plate but we're back! I'm going to talk about some of the most profitable portion of the supplement industry. Pre workouts alone bring in a majority of the profit for supplement companies. So for the next couple of days I'm going to comb through Preworkouts and assess their qualities and problems: LETS BEGIN

My favorite Pre Workout and personal choice for powerlifting. God has blessed me naturally, and given me resources to make it through some tough days and one of those resources is Muscle Marinade.

First is first, this is a ONE scoop product. Exceeding this can cause a problem.

Caffeine: dehydrates the body, stimulates [and can overstimulate causing anxiety], and with excessive doses can enlarge the myocardium [heart muscle] and lead to failure. However, just like anything if you take it in conservative doses your fine.
Creatine:  MM contains 6 gr of Creatine Monohydrates, and that is within the range of proper dose for muscle replenishing. Creatine before has been shown to not be as effective, however consuming it with a pre workout will have the creatine in your system during the workout. As you deplete your PCr system it will be replenished and improve ATP resynthesization. Taken intra workout your system will function faster. Recommended Dose: 3-5 gr.
Amino Acid Complex: In total there are roughly 6 gr of amino acids per serving. L-leucine, L-Lysin, L-Valine, and L-isoleucine. These essential Amino Acids promote Anabolism and in essence help the body do protein synthesis better. Anabolism and working out are ideal partners.
Electrolyte Balance: The fact that a Pre workout has this balance at all is extraordinary. Most Pre-workouts have plenty of diuretics in the form of energy, but rarely to they try and help the body hold onto water. The Sodium factor increases the sodium balance in the blood stream causing the body to hold onto more water than before. It also has resources for your body to better balance out the K+, Na+ concentrations for ATP resynthesization.
Under dosing: A product with so much stuff in it has the flaw of under dosing in some areas. Although they have a lot of Vitamin C, they don't have enough Beta Alanine. The Amino Acids are also low in their dose range, but that is not the main purpose of this pre workout. To see greatest improvement around 3.5 gr of Beta Alanine is needed, and only 2 gr are given. Although its not far off it's still not within the range studies suggest. However, the amount of products under dosed compared to those that are properly dosed is not very much. That is one of the many reasons i love this product. My personal review is 5 stars out of 5 *****

I recommend avoiding if you are: caffeine sensitive; dehydrated; weak stomach; anxiety problems; pregnant or nursing; under 13 [they say 18 but a normal teenager diet is more likely to damage you than this product].


  1. You did not say anything about the 2-amino-4-methylthexane or commanly known as DMAA which in all probablity will be a substance not allowed in products in the USA in the real near future. Go to the following for a discription and short history of this ingredient.


  2. Which pre workout is best for women?

    1. That depends entirely on what the woman's goals are. This product is currently unavailable so I wouldn't count on using it. If your goal is to perform high intensity exercise with a sports focus you'd want plenty of electrolytes, branched chain amino acids, caffeine, and probably some carbohydrates. If your goal is to reduce body fat and have an intense workout I would recommend taking one that has more caffeine, amino acids, thermoregulatory agents, and no additional calories. Men and women respond to caffeine and amino acids very similarly so you can use something that might be targeted towards men.

      Here is a pre workout that has done well for women and those looking to have an intense workout while maintaining weight management goals:
      -Amino Energy


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