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Noxipro is known and described as a Jack3d clone. This is mainly because after jack3d introduced the world to abusing DMAA  and gained popularity, everyone else had to share in the profit. We like things that are effective and convenient. A small bottle and a lot of stim match that criteria. However this does not mean that a product that is in concentrate form will not produce the kind of results we're looking for. So let's see how well Noxipro stands up to it's claim.

Proprietary blend has to be one of the FDA's dumbest allowances when it comes to supplements.

Serving size is 6.423 gr. and there are 45 servings per container, that usually means that this is not a one serving supplement. It contains Beta-Alanine which needs a bare minimum of 3.2 gr. shown by studies. Creatine Monohydrate pre workout is not very effective, but still can be applicable, at the least we need 5 gr. L Arginine, which is usually used for people with congestive heart problems or erectile dysfunction, requires a minimum of 6 gr per day to be effective. Alpha ketoglutarate is a supplement that is usually used for patients with a toxicity of ammonia in their body. During exercise our body produces ammonia through the process of muscle contraction. The idea is that this will bond to ammonia and remove it and needs at least 3.5 gr per day. I know that the "Karb-Jet" "Fibersol-2" and "N-Carbamylglutamate," involved is only 1 gr as shown in the above 1 gr of carbohydrates, hardly enough to stimulate insulin and rush it to the system. This product includes DMAA which is about to be removed from the market and can have adverse effects. Just with the above proven athletic performance products one effective serving of this should be:

1 scoop = 18.7 gr

That being said this product needs at least 3 scoops to reach the bare minimum effectiveness. I give this one the same rating as another concentrate, 3 trophies.


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