Whats the buzz: Jack3d

Everyone fell in love with this product when it came out onto the market. It was small, it was different and it seemed legit. The aftermath of that was the entire market trying to replicate and introduce their very own version of jack3d [pronounced jacked not jack-3d]. However as time ticked on people began taking 2, 3, even 4 scoops to satisfy their "buzz" needs. As the doses increased some people found themselves scratching and itching their skin in a frenzy.

I wish i could break this product down perfectly for you but sadly i cannot. America allows this special thing called proprietary blends, where a manufacturer can put whatever the heck he wants in there and not tell you the doses. And Jack3d is nothing but a proprietary blend. That being said I used this product for a while and quite enjoyed it.

As you can see a serving size is 5.55 and not a lot. One of the things people loved the most about this, but one of its greatest draw backs. The proprietary blend is on 4.145 gr, meaning that roughly 1.4 gr are used for flavoring [that's 25% people]. It contains Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate a vasodialator, usually requiring 5 gr to be an effective dose. Creatine Monohydrate pre workout is usually not necessary and would require around 3 gr at the least. Beta Alanine is the culprit that causes face itching, if you are B.A. sensitive then you may break out for a little bit, this can require between 3-5 gr. 1,3-Dimethylamalyamine [DMAA click for info on] is their main stim and they were one of the first to carry it. So for the 3 products i mentioned with doses proven to be the minimum for effectiveness this product should be at least 15 gr without every thing else involved. Now you know why people where taking between 3 and 5 servings for a workout.

Jack3d is also the infamous product that was used when certain military members had heart attacks influenced by DMAA. So overdosing is a reality and a risk.

Combing my personal use and label breakdown i give these guys 3 trophies. 3 because if you take three scoops your getting a decent amount of what is necessary and that is the max they would recommend. This would not be a long term product in my mind, and i don't like exceeding one scoop of anything.

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