Sugar Water

John 4:14 but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life

The folks tale is that when life hands you lemons you must make lemonade. So is the plight of Christians, we know we are called to suffer, to "carry our cross daily" [luke 9:21]. Suffering was assumed to show that we are working for God. In Acts, when apostles were flogged they felt honored to suffer for God. The protestant revolution and the separation from the Roman Catholic church led to suffering. Men were burned at the stake, stoned to death, and tortured all for the truth of the gospel. Some martyrs are recording as singing hymns and thanking God as their bodies become empty vessels.

Protestants risked their lives to venture to America where an ocean separated them from the oppression of the gospel. America was full of Christians doing missions and living for God. The easy life was not theirs, and many died pushing Christ into the "new world." A bloody revolution gave America it's freedom. For years Christianity has been given lemon after lemon, and for so long they've been making lemonade. Christ was the everlasting water, and his love was the sugar.

Fast forward and the fountain of Democracy and Capitalism  has made America blossom into a beautiful place. The lemons were gone and life was great, and that is the beginning of America's decline. What once was lemonade has become sugar water. We live in a land where persecution is of the mental aspect. Forced tolerance in the most hypocritical of ways has silenced many Christians. For years everyone was drinking the sugar water. We're the land of the kool aid.

As expected the nation turns it's cheek on the man who bled for the whole world. The foundation of this nation, the foundation of so many of our morals has been frowned upon. So what happens when we take the sugar out of sugar water? America is now sucking down tap water, and their getting mad. Why is everything so messed up? Why don't I have this, or that?

As a country we have forgotten what its like to have lemons. We've been drinking sugar water for so many years assuming it would always last. Now that everyone has turned from the sugar of this world they're furious. Tap water wont do, and no one tries to go back to the nations beginnings. When the lemons return there will be two groups of people. Those who can make lemonade with Christ and be the sugar in a bitter world. Or those who will bite their teeth into the disgusting tragedy of the day, and wonder where peace has gone.

My question is, will you remember why life is so precious and sweet? Or when lemons come will you reject God and sink your teeth?

Turn to the spirit, for it is the comforter. Bringing peace, truth, power, love and much more to the hungry soul.

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