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Maybe you've heard or read somewhere that taking an anti inflammatory around workout time reduces your bodies ability to "get bigger." The theory that goes around is that inflammation is what causes the muscle to grow and seem more full. The thing is, no one really knows what the exact science of muscle growth is. All we can observe is that putting a muscle under stress [working out] causes growth. The body works by adapting to stresses. However trying to cause inflammation is the opposite of adapting.

Cancer, cardiac disease, auto immune disorders, and many more cause the body to become inflamed. Inflammation means the body is trying to protect and recover from some sort of problem. People with high enough fat levels are seen having inflammation constantly. This inflammation has a negative effect on visceral organs. What I'm trying to say is that inflammation has been recorded as being bad, and there is no evidence that inflammation can help with muscle growth.

What if we were to say that inflammation is actually a rate limiter? We know that it has many negative effects, so why wouldn't it be negative on the muscles? My proposal based off of how negative inflammation is on the rest of the body is that it's negative on muscle growth too and therefore needs to be prevented for proper health and athleticism.

Doctors Orders:
Inflammation should be stopped in a natural as possible way. That means you need to take in dark fruits and dark fruit juices. These have natural anti inflammatory principles. Antioxidants have the ability to fight free radicals and reduce the negative effects of inflammation. This simple formula should help you know how to find antioxidants.
Darker Fruit = More antioxidants

Best time to reduce inflammation is post workout when the muscles are recovering to the stresses you just put them through.

Mixing a dark fruit juice with whey protein can increase recovery and reduce inflammation even more. Whey protein has been shown to reduce inflammation.

Post Workout Shake:
  • 35-50 gr vanilla whey protein
  • 8 oz cranberry juice
  • 8 oz  water
  • 5 gr creatine & glutamine

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