Who can touch their toes?

Just so that we can keep up with our lessons over squatting like a champion, i thought i'd include how important it is to stay flexible post squat. I know that we've already trudged through the proper pre-squat techniques and how to open the adductors [if you didn't read click here]. It is equally important to stretch afterwards, in fact according to studies it is most effective to improve ROM post workout.

crudely drawn example
When we stretch before a workout we want to create blood flow and do movement stretches. This is called a dynamic stretch and is crucial for preparing for a workout. If you recall from back in the good 'ol days coaches should have made you do lunges and high knees during your warm up. This was to improve heat and blood flow of muscles and tendons. Think of it like this, let's say you have a warm rubber band that's room temperature, and then you have a rubber band you just pulled out of the freezer or fridge. Now take the rubber bands and stretch them out, guess which ones will snap and tear?

My stretches before [on a leg day] include Body Weight squats, Overhead squats, squat jumps. I then follow up with some band work and Mobility WOD. After my squats I finish with a routine of Static stretching. I do a standing toe touch [on toes and then in front of toes] I follow that by doing [yes yoga] downward and upward dog. Next is feet outside of shoulders [stretch middle and behind ankles] then downward and upward dog [with feet outside of shoulders width]. Finally I stretch my legs out as far as they can go [middle and then each leg] followed by upward dog only. Each position is held for 10-20 seconds each.

Feet together: toes x 15 sec; in-front x 15 sec; upward dog x 15 sec; downward dog x 15 sec.
shoulder: middle x 15 sec; behind ankles x 15 sec; upward dog x 15 sec; downward dog x 15 sec.
Max: middle x 15 sec; right leg x 15 sec; left leg x 15 sec; middle x 15 sec; upward dog x 15 sec.

Isaiah 54:2 "Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes."

-Isaiah telling the people to stretch the boundaries of the church to include the gentiles, because he knew that the messiah was coming for all people of the world.

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