First is the Greek lesson. Endunamoo is the base word for strengthened found in the verse Philippians 4:13. Endunamoo is pronounced as it looks [in-doo-naw-moo]. Obviously the site is Endunamoo Me Christoo [in-doo-naw-moo May Krees-toe] I'm strengthened by Christ. I find Greek important because the original text of the New Testament comes in the form of Greek. Paul, the Christian killing Jewish convert, wrote most of the gospel [pauline letters] and grew up knowing Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic but wrote in Greek. He is also the author of my favorite book [Romans] and my verse Philippians 4:13. If you want to learn Greek click here for free education.

The classic athletic verse is usually Philippians 4:13, and usually for the fleshly reasons. However being dead in the flesh eat's that meaning away. Living far from the flesh my spirit is guided with strength. We are given the spirit of Power not of timidity. While on this planet God still gives us strength to do ALL THINGS. That's where Team Endunamoo comes into play. We power lift and are a community with a God fearing aspect. Past the community and brotherhood comes the witness aspect. The hardcore lifting community is missing the Christian vibe we hope to bring to it. Witness In The Weight room is a term coined to explain what we do. While lifting you wouldn't be surprised to see us reading a bible, handing out grace cards, or just explaining our faith. With every lift comes a prayer, and followed by that a point to the heavens. Win or Lose our souls are in God's hands. However, devout Christian or not anyone is welcome to lift on our teams. As Christ spent his time with those considered "unspiritual" we lift with all. I'm not any better than the next man, I'm simply forgiven.

The lifting aspect of Team Endunamoo is much more simple; you squat, bench, and dead lift heavy and often. Aesthetics are nice but strength is glorifying. Vanity in a mirror defeats the purpose of glory away from oneself and all towards God [i become less he becomes greater].

Aside from lifting Endunamoo is active in sponsorship and giving. World Vision ministries is were all of our excess goes when we sell a shirt. In our hometown of Wichita Falls we actively participate in collecting change to send money to poverty stricken nations. All in all our goal is more than ourselves; our ministry starts in the weight room, but ventures all the way to India! God bless and Lift Endunamoo!

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