Squatting with your adductors

The genesis behind this post is my personal dilemma. In my pursuit of cutting weight for my meet I wound up running and playing basket ball. Playing basketball lead to a rolled ankle [or two] which lead to knee and hip tightness. Now my squats suffer and I'm looking at possible impingement [Compression of a nerve, blood vessel, or tissue through a constricted space.] It's not going to stop me from squatting, but it is going to hinder my pursuits of a 555 squat.

Time for a lesson on squatting and hip adductor [and abductor] flexibility and strength. The adductors attach to the femur and to the hip. Their main goal is to internally rotate the hip and bring the femur closer to the midline [picture an imaginary line in the middle of the body] This is good for squatting because when the adductors are stretched to their full potential they act as a rubber band and spring the body up with greater force. I refer you to the Squat with you knees out post. When there is a strain on these muscles not only can possible impingement occur, but the squat weight will decrease.

What we have to do in this situation is stretch, and i mean stretch to the point of tears. You're going to want to get yourself a decent resistance band. Get ready to watch and learn some stretches that i do daily.

This stretch is great for opening the hip up before doing squats. It's important to keep you foot flat on the ground, your back leg parallel, you elbow inside of your knee, and invert your back foot. You want to hold each position for roughly 20 seconds to start. If your feeling it dig in for a couple minutes [i usually don't have as much time]

For you who don't squat as deep as you should [and you know who you are] the issue can be hip and groin tightness. The medicine for this is not only a combination of forcing yourself that deep, using bands to increase stretching tension, and the warm up above ^ but also as many warm ups you can use as possible.
If you find yourself with some time and a band try out this stretch.
Thank you to Mobility WOD for most of my stretches. I'll post my post workout stretches soon.

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