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"God blessed them and said... Rule over the fish of the sea..."

If you know this fish im so proud
Fish are boasted about in the health community as the ultimate high protein, healthy fat, and low carb diet. I totally agree with that, for once the health community is ON TO SOMETHING! What were going to dine on today though, is Fish oils. Omega 3's are the hype and what type of oil we want, but it's more important what comprises the oils [DHA & EPA]. We also have Omega 6 and 9, those are not as important [too much omega 9 can have adverse effects on the human brain some studies suggest]. As any form of active athlete/human/whateveryouwanttocallyourself you need to be ingesting Omega 3's. If your a hardcore runner or avid weight lifter these will become your best friend. Another site i visit [LBEB.com] has a saying that goes, "if you cant fix it with squats or fish oil your out of luck."

What Can Fish Omega 3 Do For You! First off lets clarify, there are two ways to derive Omega 3: From Fish source [DHA & EPA]; and from plants [ALA]. Sources from fish have been shown to benefit you a thousand times over. For the avid athlete Fish oils are shown to lubricate joints, decrease inflammation [help recover from an injury of the joint/muscle], and improve skeletal muscle health. Basic health benefits are: Decrease coronary heart risks; decrease stroke [study done on women]; Improve Blood pressure; decrease platelet aggression and improve vein/artery health. [retrieved from Fish consumption, fish oil, omega 3 fatty acids and cardiovascular disease studies.]

Studies suggest that between 2 & 4 gr. of EPA/DHA should be consumed by the athlete looking to benefit from any if not all of the said effects. Our ancestors have been eating fish for a very long time  [He said, "Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some [fish]." When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish. ~30 A.D.]

Were going to look at your run of the mill fish oil and then were going to exam the fish oil i take and others highly recommended.

This is the basic Fish oil you may find at wally world. In every 2 pills [serving size] your getting 720 mg of omega 3, inside of that is 360 EPA and 240 DHA. Which means that inside a 2400 mg serving size, 720 mg are what you want [ 30%] and roughly 600 mg total of that is what your body uses [25%]. To accumulate your total necessary amount to receive any of the above benefits you would have to take between 12 and 16  pills a day [and that's the bare minimum, the harder you go and bigger you are the more you need.]

Now look at my preferred brand:
This brand is pretty new and to use them you would need to find an online retailer, either way good stuff. In 5 ml serving size it contains 1700 mg of Omega 3 and 825 mg EPA and 550 mg of DHA [1.375 g]. You looking at needing 10-15 mg of it a day [that's less than a serving of cold medicine].

Your choice is either a shot of lemon flavored oils, or 16 pills. Either way consume, consume, consume!

To be a high level athlete you need Fish oils, if your eating out at least once a week than you can ditch that fast food killer and consume fish oils. Treat your temple the way it needs to be.

"Do not be afraid; from now on you will be fishers of men." - Jesus

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  1. You can purchase this great fish oil that Drew takes from Total Nutrition in Sherman, TX. 1628 Texoma Parkway, 903-891-3800


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