Humbled: Finding All Strength In The Spirit

As the Passover celebration continues and we celebrate Good Friday and Easter, We notice an explosion in "faith like actions" towards Jesus. No, church attendance during the Christmas and Easter holiday does not improve religiosity, but it does water a dying plant. However, this post is not to criticize the Luke warm Christian, they will be spat out in disgust one day(rev 3:16) and that saddens me. No this post is to criticize me and delve into the spiritual humbling God brings me through strength training.

As God gave Paul a secret thorn(2 Cor. 12:9), I have been given my own. Something as simple as a rolled ankle can ruin a hip when it comes to squatting. Combine that with an energy draining diet and disaster will happen sooner than later. In today's lift, humbling misfortunes arose. Weighing in now at 199 pounds 3 weeks out from competition, I was on the verge of my goal. Not only did i assume I could squat heavier, I assumed my hip would be perfectly fine. God showed me a different path, a path that would make me realize something I had almost forgotten,

"There is no strength in the flesh, but through the spirit God grants strength."

My pre-lift prayer has always been, "God please grant me strength and protection, but i know that if my body is broken my spirit is safe in your hands." The prayer gained more meaning today.

I spent the night before in a long 7 hour bible study, called the secret church. It was invigorating and covered the entire bible relating to a single topic. It was mainly a review on much i had already studied with a different point of view. Spiritually I have been training harder lately, yet the couple weeks before training physically was my focus. Today I dropped the weight on the squat, a weight I have done several times before. I have never dropped the weight before. Then on Dead lift I could only complete 1 of my 3 reps. 

As I writhed in displeasure over my efforts I slowly found joy in the strength of my spirit. How silly have I been, assuming that while i lost weight I should expect to continually grow stronger and stronger. The fact that I have been gaining strength is nothing short of a blessing from God. God is using me through power lifting. Handing out bibles in the weight room and writing up workouts/blogs for people is influential. Sitting down and living out the gospel with someone who is lost is the purpose. If God was not in me as the spirit of strength, then I would not be able to perform at any level. The Lord is making me stronger to gain more attention, the attention is then brought to my words, and my lifestyle. Squatting with my Philippians 4:13 belt, and my Team Endunamoo shirt raises eyebrows. Reading the word between sets intrigues questions. When I'm asked a question about working out they know to expect the conversation to drift towards the life in Christ I want everyone to experience. 

In all things whether it be eating or drinking, do it for the glory of God. In all things whether squatting or benching do it for the glory of God. I can give out studies and advice all day, but the base of all of our training has to be spiritual. What we think we can do alone in the flesh, God will surprise in the spirit. 

For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. (1 Timothy 4:8) Do not just train the flesh. Do not just feed the stomach. Hit the bible and train the spirit of knowledge. Hit the word and feed the spirit. If you starve the spirit, and do not train it then it will wither away weak and quiet. DO NOT QUENCH THE SPIRIT. God can use anything for His glory, so allow Him to use your potential. Even with working out.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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