How much do you want to lose?

Preparing for my upcoming meet I have to cut weight. Roughly 22 pounds to be exact. That's not such a bad thing, but i was pretty lean before which means not so much fat to sacrifice. in the past 3 weeks i have cut approximately 16 pounds. [Let it be noted that my genetics help me out by keeping me pretty lean most of the time, and when i cut muscle is preserved] The way i started this diet was athletic in nature, so that i could drop weight while improving muscle strength.
mmm sugar

breakfast: bowl of oatmeal; 4 eggs; bacon
lunch: sandwich; chicken breast; salad
pre-workout: peanut butter sandwich; protein shake; vitamins; fish oil
intra workout: 2 servings of Gatorade 5 gr creatine
post workout: protein shake -peanut butter & banana & 50 gr; protein 5 gr creatine
Dinner: 2 chicken breast; salad; potato
Bed time snack: Peanut butter 2 scoops.

*On this diet i was loosing a steady 3-5 pounds a week. This worked at first, my body held onto muscle with all the protein and started slimming me down. [some muscle wasting occurred]

I took in carbohydrates in the morning to help my body start metabolism and to synthesize Acetyl CoA. Acetyl CoA is used to lypolise fat. However this can be done with high amounts of fat also [this just costs more ATP]. I also took in carbs for glycogen replenishment. By having glucose stores in the muscles i performed better with less ATP use. I drank Gatorade during the workout to boost blood glucose levels and enhance performance.

"The gator's used it to win" - old guy from Gatorade commercial.

For the final and more tough cut, i'm going almost no carbs:
breakfast: 6 eggs; bacon; coffe
lunch: chicken breast; salad
Pre-workout: 2 scoops peanut butter; protein shake; vitamins; fish oil
intra-workout: 2 servings Gatorade; 5 gr Creatine
Post-workout: protein shake -peanut butter & banana & 50 gr; protein 5 gr creatine

Dinner: chicken breast; salad with eggs
Bed time snack: Peanut butter 1 scoop.

This diet is lower in calories and only slightly higher in protein. It's tough to get through but the results are leaner with strength. The best way to muscle through this diet is to drink copious amounts of water all day. Aim for at least 2 clear pees a day. I carry around a 64 oz water bottle and drink it twice daily, yes you will pee a lot. Another tip is to enjoy the Gatorade, it's your only sugar. I sometimes take 0 calorie flavored Amino drinks to help too.

See you in 6 pounds.

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