And we see that Friday is Good

Today is the holiday deemed Good Friday. It's the prequel to Easter Sunday, and the death of our Lord and savior. Without Easter Christianity has no validity, without the resurrection and the temple being rebuilt in three days there is no salvation. Christ submitted himself and was hung on a tree with nails as the final sacrifice for our sins. For that I am eternally thankful and in all things i do, i aim to do them for God.

He bore our sins upon the cross that wasn't his
Before I write about the sacrifice of our savior, I want us to look before hand a few years [790 to be exact]. The book of Isaiah was written in 790 BC during the time of king Uzziah. This book is in the Old Testament and is a prophetic book, warning the people of coming doom for their sins, and showing who the messiah is and what he must do.

Isaiah 53:
God shows Isaiah who is coming, a vision of a man who grows from a dry and dead ground that is not beautiful, nor desirable (1). Immediately we see that he will be rejected and unwelcome by many (2). He is seen as bearing our griefs and sins, but the people will shew him as a blasphemer and that God will punish him (4). He will be wounded, bruised, and chastised all for our sins, and knowing this He will use his blood to heal us (5). He will keep silent as he is beaten, and he will be willing to take our burdens (7). He will be buried in a tomb of the rich after his death, even though he has no sin nor spoken any deceit (9). However, it pleases the LORD to bruise him for our sake, for he shall be the soul offering for our sin (10).

As the Jew's called for Christ's crucifixion He kept silent. He knew what his purpose was and that the time was concluding. He was commanded to receive a beating, a pre death tenderizer. As flesh was torn from his body and He was spit on and mocked he kept silent. It was not his body he was worried about, but the souls of those beating him. Dripping in his own blood he is platted with a crown made of mingled thorns and sentenced to a death of dishonor. The cross which has killed so many criminals and unwanted's, was our kings new throne. As they forced his body stiff on the wood they began tying his hands down, pulling the joints tight to weaken his body. A crude nail fashioned for a house is driven between the bones of his arms, and through his Achilles. Still he does not spit back, or yell at the soldiers. His once great following now mocks him, his closest disciples hide in fear and reject him. The sky turns black and God himself faces away from His son. "My God my God why have you forsaken me?" Christ does not call out Abba, or father, He knows God has left him to bear the sins of the world. With His last breath hanging on the cross, Christ yells "It is Finished." A term that was commonly used by accountants to state that the bill was "PAID IN FULL." Christ had paid our sins in full on that cross.

"John 19:16 - Then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified. And they took Jesus, and led him away."

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