To Talk About The Squat

Continuing on squatting from the last post i hope everyone has focused on driving their knees out. Go ahead and activate the piriformis [or any other abductor muscles] and stretch out those adductors fro power. Time to touch on the depth delima we see prominent in the gyms.

i drew this in art. like an artist
Some call it the half squat [I personally call it the no squat cause it don't count]. The "half squat" is when an individual goes half the way down and with a loud "look at me" rawer they squat it up. I have pet peeves associated with working out, this is one of them. You hear the guys giving excuses like: I don't want to hurt my knees; i head it was bad for knees to go over toes; it's too heavy to go that deep; i don't have a spot; so on and so on.

  • Studies show that they sysemoid joint around the knee is actually strengthened and improved by going below parallel during squats. If anything not squatting deep is going to hurt your knees because when you stop at a certain level your placing the majority of the stress on the knee and not in the hips.
  • Knees going over toes is a myth that started in some high school weight room based off of some poorly done study. The study was proven wrong, but coaches were not informed.
  • If its too heavy to go that deep or if you don't have a spot listen closely. LOWER THE WEIGHT.
You need to drop below because this activates the Lower Posterior chain [hamstring and glutes]. Strengthening these will make your squat more powerful and explosive. Its safer and you wont look as silly when you realize everyone is watching you because they're confused as to why your not going all the way down.

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