Lets start basic what is a metabolism?  The sum of the physical and chemicalprocesses in an organism by which its material substance is produced, maintained, and destroyed, and by which energyis made available. With this being established metabolism is the process our body uses for energy, the higher the metabolism the more kilo calories you will burn through out a day [metabolism stops when your dead...]
I googled metabolism and got this

When you read the nutrition panel on a [insert food item], when it says calories it means KILOCALORIES. I'm done.


Metabolism works for those who want to lose fat by catabolism. FUN FACT: most body fat is not burnt during exercise but rather post exercise. Athletes hold most of their fat in the muscle so that they can access it during workout. The body goes from immediate system of pulling muscle glycogen and then goes into Beta Oxidation to break down fat in lypolysis. For lypolysis to work it needs a factor that usually comes from carbohydrates. Therefore a diet low in carbs would need a blast pre and post workout to stimulate and help the system. ANY WAY, this is important because the type of exercise performed influences the intensity and length  of a metabolism boost.

You may have just asked yourself, " what kind of exercise might that be?" well i'm glad you inquired. Usually heavier resistance training that buts the body at a higher level of stress leads to longer metabolism boosts. In other words mixing intense weight training will boost the bodies ability to burn fat if the proper diet is followed. And since usually only WELL TRAINED athletes can access fat from muscle its safe to say that most of our fat metabolism occurs post workout.


Ya manly stuff! MUSCLES. Anabolism is the building of something, our muscles. If we take in a GOOD AMOUNT OF PROTEIN [1.5 -2 gr of protein per lb of body weight will suffice] will put us in a positive balance. With this we just have to add in the right exercises. Which are basically the same for beforehand with just fewer reps and even heavier weights. By stressing the body with a high weight workout the muscle fibers themselves grow, not the fluid around them. FUN FACT 2: body builders do not build up that much muscle itself but rather keep a constant flow of fluid around the muscle. That is why they go all fluff afterwards. So, in sum lots of protein and calories, and a high stress workout will lead to real muscle gains.

Good lifting:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

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