Meet me with some Meat

So I have a meet coming up soon and I'm extremely excited for it. This is where i get to moan about why i wouldn't be excited. [what could make me less excited?]
I have to diet to make my weight class, I have to diet hard.
My goal is to drop down roughly 20 pounds 2 weeks before the meet. If I can be at my goal weight before the meet I can adjust for the weights. This is where this post is relevant to the reader [see I care].

All i can think is... Yum....
On my non working days my calories drop aggressively. The goal is to have my metabolism do most of my weight loss and not have to be catabolic during my workouts. I start the day with an even mesh of Carbohydrates and fats&proteins. In other words its a 50, 25, 25 ratio. Carbs are necessary for creating Acetyl CoA which is a primary product for lypolysis. By creating said enzyme my body will better break down fat [take notes]. The rest of the day is supposed to be 15% carbs; 40% protein; 45% fats. The fun part is that I'm only hitting 2000 calories [I'm trying to get my body to eat itself].

Working days are different, I'm getting probably 3000 calories. breakfast starts the same: 50, 25, 25. Pre workout includes a boost in carbohydrates [complex and fast] and post workout includes the majority of carbs [mostly quick].

My example for Pre workout food is:
  • 1 slice of Wheat bread with peanut butter smeared on it
  • protein shake [1 scoop]
  • Vitamin pak, vitamin D3, Fish oil
My example for Post workout food is:
  • 2 scoops of protein
  • 10 gr creatine
  • banana
  • Scoop of peanut butter
  • 36 oz gatorade [half is drunk intra workout]
This is simplified ATP distribution and how we can use it for weight loss.
  1. Glycolysis is the immediate system where [during hard activity] we deplete our BG [Blood Glucose]
  2. After the immediate system we use up our glucose on site and in blood and then pull it from our liver [glucose is stored in liver as glycogen]
  3. We then hit the oxidative system. We're aerobic and if it is low intensity activity we break up triglycerides for fuel [usually if it is a loooong time, most fat consumption occurs post workout]
Real World Applications:
  • Hard activity depletes glucose so we need to restore it [usually takes 48 hrs] which means we have a 48 hour boost in metabolism. The harder the effort put into the weight room the better the metabolism and metabolism can burn through body fat [how catabolism works for us]
  • If you desire to run far and beat your body up then once you hit a certain time at low intensity you're body will break down tryglycerides for fuel [what some people call fat burning zones]
My opinion is that you lift heavy and hard, boost your metabolism, make sure you have proteins and fats to preserve your muscle and keep that part anabolic [building] and make your fat catabolic [breaking it down].


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