Lifting with Christ

Pre-Lift prayer,
"God i pray for strength, You are my shepherd i shall not want. You know my desires. I pray that if my body is broken, that i know my spirit is in your hands."
As i go throughout my life of lifting i know to carry God first. Between sets i read the word, i stay in prayer. (Eph. 6:18) This doesn't mean that everyone has to follow in my exact footsteps. Its something that i call Witness in the Weight room, or as my friends shorthand WW. But we are called to do all things, including lifting or eating for Gods glory. (1 Cor 10:31)

I talk to some other guys, usually all they want to hear is how i squat so much weight? i usually answer with, strength from Christ, and by doing heavy deep squats. [skeptic looks follow]

Follow Through:

Either way my weight is gift from God and i apply my strength to his glory. I used it to play football my freshman year in college, and now i use it to toss the weight around. Either way, when i finish a new PR i always through a hand in the air point to my Father and shout, "You are made great in my weakness, all my strength comes from you!" [slightly less skeptic looks follow, people realize i have something greater]

He lifted my sin over his head
Still not always i get to preach the gospel to everyone, sometimes no one. So i represent my God through my actions. Always in prayer i find myself getting [skeptic looks]. I wear my endunamoo shirt, not so that people can point and shout!, "look that guy must be a christian!" but so that my actions are all brought to God, good or bad.

After every lift day i take grace cards and i place them around the gym. Unfortunately there is a man whom i've had a debate or two about who will follow me around and rip them up sometimes. Either way i pray over these cards and finish every lift for God. And this is the point to this little WW write up. Everything you do, even if you will have plenty of [skeptics] do it for God. If your thing is choir, sing for God and spread his gospel. If you thing is playing Video games, play them for God. No matter what do things for God without ceasing.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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  1. Passion! I love the passion you have for God and really making a statemented with inviting Jesus into the gym and into the workout! Living in such a worldly and do it on my own attitude it is very easy to idolize yourself when lifting, setting new PRs and just seeing the growth and development of oneself. I am glad I found this page! I was looking online for a new profile pic for my fitness page on IG that really stood out to me and was radical to show my belief in Jesus and my passion for lifting.


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