Americanized Bulgarian method

Okay its answering questions Saturday [or something like that]
Today's question comes from MR. Hale:
What do you do for strength?..... Like what is the "Americanized Bulgarian method"
and what are you exact percentages?
a 565 pull face. how attractive
 Good question my good man. I do something that is based off of what the Bulgarians did to win the olympics several times. The first thing i changed was took out all those steroids [those are no no's]. Then I added more auxiliary lifts after hitting max effort (ME). Here is an example of a dead lift day:

  1. Dead lifts: [post WU] 85%x2 - 95%x2 - 98%x1-98%x1 - 85%x2x2: so for me it was
    1.   500x2 555x2 565x1 565x1 500x2x2 
  2. Squat: 75%x3x3: so for me it was
    1. 405x3x3
  3. RDL: this is for Low posterior chain so don't exceed 185-225.
You probably catch the gist now. It doesn't look like a lot, but when you're flirting with 1RM for multiple sets then you get tired fast. Your rest between ME sets would be around 5 minutes or more depending on your mentality. I never walk away from one of these workouts not feeling a bit beat up. I generally don't lift below 75% ME because by staying in that range, by having higher stress hormone and the good 'Ol TESTOSTERONE my muscles will get stronger.


  1. I've seen some studies that show going too heavy on RDL's don't activate the Lower PC as well. 185-225 is what they suggest as being the best hamstring work. I've also been shown that doing RDL's on deadlift days are risky too. I'm probably changing that part soon.

  2. Ah okay. I haven't done them on DL day yet, just after squat but have been going around 240, 3x5. Maybe I'll lighten up a bit


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