This is the first one

This is my first ever blog, never really thought i would get caught up doing this, but instead of just running around facebook posting statuses I decided to create a universal blog for a couple reasons.
  1. This is cheaper than paying to have a website made
  2. This is cheaper than paying to have the website online
  3. this is easier for everyone to access right?
Here is my most recent week of lifting
Bench- 245x4 275x3 285x3 300x3
3 rep explosive- 275x1x3
Close Grip- 225x3x3
Squat (LB)- 465x2 475x2 485x2 495x2 505x2
Squat (HB)- 315x4x3
Goodmornings- 185x7 185x6x2
Pause bench- 255x3 265x3 275x2 285x2 295x1 305x1
Floor press- 235x3 245x3 255x3 265x2 275x2 285x2
Tri Pressdown- 10x8x6
Deadlift - 515x2 525x2 545x2 555x1 555x1
Squat - 405x4x3
I then stretched a lot because im awesome.

Thats my PR  i will be updating a couple times a week

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