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Our standard fees are listed below:

  • Barbell Club Membership: $120.00 first month and $80.00 each month after
    • Must apply for membership - call or email 
    • Also see online barbell club options
    • Ask about our University student discount and club ratings
  • Sports Performance Training
    • 1 weekly session -$200.00 First month
    • 2 weekly sessions - $320.00 First month
    • 3 weekly sessions - $420.00 First month
Join dozens of other athletes who have used our expertise to improve their on and off field performance. In only a short time we have already had several DI and DII signed athletes as well as many athletes who have climbed the roster and made varsity for their highschool teams. Our average 4 week improvements include:
    • 2 inch increase (11%) on vertical Jump
    • 8 inch increase (12%) on broad Jump 
    • 20 pound (13%) bench increase 
    • 27.5 pound (11%) squat increase 
    • 32 pound (12%) deadlift increase
    • 0.24 seconds faster 40 yd time (5%)
    • 0.19 second Faster Agility Shuttle (5%)

Apply for our program by calling or emailing.

  • Group Sports Performance Training
    • 2 weekly session - $120.00 per month per athlete (after first month)
    • 3 weekly sessions - $180.00 per month per athlete (after first month)
We have groups available each month - Click here to see a list of our current programs. We also can form groups on request, please contact us to form a group or to learn about our school or club programs. A minimum of 3 athletes attending the same school or club playing the same sport is required to create the group program. Times will be assigned and all of the group members must train at the same time. The more athletes per group, the lower the rate will be per month. 
  • School or Club Sports Performance Training
    • 2-4 weekly sessions off or on site (we will travel to you)
    • Price TBA depending on number of athletes or session duration
There is no minimum or maximum number of athletes required to run these programs. The majority of these sessions will be done on school or club location to allow for the athletes familiarity and comfort while being pushed to achieve their genetic potential. Join schools like:
    • Wichita Christian School - Wichita Falls, Tx
    • Bellevue ISD - Bellevue, TX
    • FC Dallas Texoma - Soccer
    • Wichita Falls Elite VolleyBall
    • Burkburnett Black Sox Baseball

  • Mobility and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Session: (30 min) $30.00 (60 min) $50.00
  • Online Barbell Club (12+ workouts/month): See BB club for more details
    • Join our fast growing online Endunamoo Barbell Club (USAPL recognized)
    • Receive monthly workouts emailed.
    • Online group for daily technique evaluations
    • 1st place USAPL UNT powerlifting meet 2016
    • 1st place UT Powerlifting meet mixed team 2016

  • Email us at or input your information below for a quote and customization details.

All one on one personal training sessions come with free body fat composition testing, nutritional planning, & myofascial release/soft tissue therapy. Online Personal training memberships come with nutrition consultation and weekly technique evaluations via video.

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