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Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning is owned and operated by head coach Drew Hill

Coach Drew

I attended Midwestern State University through my undergrad and graduate studies. I played football my Freshman year and then transitioned into individual competition as a powerlifter. I was the former record holder in my age group and weight class for the raw squat. I assisted as a strength coach at Midwestern State university. We have helped produce multiple Division I and Division II athletes. Our training focus is not on general population, but rather athletics and sports development. Our methods have been proven over and over again as we produce gold medal collegiate powerlifters, and as we show consistent improvements in strength, jump abilities, and power development.

  • BS Exercise Physiology 
  • MS Exercise Physiology 
  • EPC ASEP Board Certified Exercise Physiologist

Endunamoo Me Christoo is pulled from the word of God. Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament, was sitting in a prison cell. This was a normal situation for him. As he wrote a letter of encouragement he inserted a sentence that would forever find itself on the cleats, shoes, wrist bands, forearms, and tattoos of many athletes.

Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things in CHRIST, who strengthens me.”

Endunamoo is the greek action verb to be given strength. We, just like Paul, must be given our strength before we can conquer the world. Our strength must come from something other than ourselves or those around us. Our strength must come from CHRIST.

Endunamoo Me Christoo unfolds into a phrase that should be held close to any Christian’s heart. “I am strengthened by Christ.”

*Any injury sustained while following the advice listed on this website is not liable against the writers. All advice is backed by evidence, and mistake probably falls on the lifter. Be responsible with your athletic talents and stay humble in the weight room.

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BS, MS - exercise Physiology
EPC - Board Certified Exercise Physiologist

Published Thesis
The impact of three different forms of warm up on performance

The Effects of Glucose Supplementation on Barbell Velocity and Fatiguability in Weightlifting - A pilot study"

Graduate from Midwestern State University, founder of Endunamoo Barbell Club, and Endunamoo Strength and Conditioning. Working to help athletes physically reach their goals and achieve scholarships while spiritually pouring into as many people as possible on all platforms.